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There’s a Recipe for that!

Recipes are at the heart of outthebox.io’s approach. Just like a recipe for a meal, outthebox.io guides you through the right tools and techniques following a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. Pick the one that you need, and go for it! I never understood why we are surrounded by recipes and guides that we can […]

How to use outthebox.io to run a company-wide Idea Accelerator

When you need to do something with those ideas that are kicking around your company, use outthebox’s “Idea Accelerator Recipe” to deploy a standardised process, along with the tools and step-by-step instructions your teams need to succeed. There can be a huge benefit to running your own internal accelerator to turn ideas into reality and […]

Icebreakers – powerful or pointless?

There are some things in life that polarise people: Marmite, Brexit, Trump, Celine Dion. People either love them or hate them. You can add icebreakers to that list. Weirdly, I am a bit schizophrenic about icebreakers. I don’t really like participating in them as an individual but love running them as a facilitator. Icebreakers have […]

Stop meeting and start collaborating!

We have all been there. A meeting arrives in your calendar. It has a good title “New thinking for 2019” and a good attendee list (mix of seniority, mix of departments, generally the hotshots in the company). And you think, YES! this time, we are going to get some sh*t done!! Fast forward 6 hours […]

Getting over the fear of running collaborative problem-solving workshops

I have lost count of the number of times I have been faced with a big horrible hairy business challenge at work that needed something more than just a quick ‘meeting’ with a few people to figure out what needs to be done. In these situations I always do the same thing –  get a bunch […]